May 212012
10 Excellent Online Payment Systems

May 15 2012 by Rosston Meyer :: In this article, we’ll be reviewing my top 10 online payment systems for accepting payments on the Web. While many of the companies on this list have been available to online merchants for years, many are also now getting into new areas of online payments such as social commerce and in-store online card reader systems.   A Quick Primer on Online Payment Systems Before getting started, here are just a few things to know about online payment [read more]

Apr 172012
HTML5 Semantics: New Elements to Replace Div

Written by Edward Korcheg, Perfect semantics was and will always be the Golden Fleece for web developers. HTML5 has come a long way to become a “messiah” that gives hope for a better future to HTML technology. This language has indisputably evolved unveiling 30 new elements that brought semantics to higher level. New tags were developed to help us create more semantic structure. As you may know, the previous version of this Hyper Text Markup Language – HTML4 has the universal tag div which [read more]

Apr 132012
Drop Caps: Historical Use And Current Best Practices With CSS

By Laura Franz, April 3, 2012 :: The practice of using a large letter to mark the start of a text has been around for almost two thousand years. Illustrated caps increased usability by marking important passages and guiding readers through the text. Unlike their historic counterparts, drop caps on the Web don’t add value in terms of usability or readability—and they are hard for Web developers to control, often rendering differently across browsers. Yet, front-end designers and clients often want to use drop [read more]

Apr 132012
Responsive CSS Grid - oldest trick in the book

April 04, 2012 :: responsive Even though I believe in responsive design, I’m not totally happy with the current resources both developers and web users have to their disposal. Then again, doing nothing at all isn’t helping anyone either, so I went ahead and made a responsive design anyway. If you want to see the resulting css file, you can check the responsive css here. I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but it was the first time I actually coded a responsive design. [read more]